December 01st, 2012

Testimonial from J.O.

RE: Peters Tax Solutions LLP

This is a testimonial regarding one of the most wonderful, compassionate, efficient, and honest people and tax person I have ever met.  I heard about Debi Peters of Peters Tax Solutions LLP at my place of employment.  I briefly (maybe a minute or two) met Debi in person.  I didn’t speak to her again for about another month.  When I did she actually remembered me, but that’s not the best part.  I proceeded to tell her about my tax nightmare:  owing for 3 years and knowing I would owe again for the coming year; a tax debt of over $20,000.00 and still going up; struggling against depression because of the tax nightmare; having just lost my home to foreclosure; my car repossessed; my wife leaving me; and eventually having to file for bankruptcy.  Plus the I.R.S. was threatening to garnish my wages.  I explained to Debi that I wasn’t sure I could afford her services but I felt so hopeless I had to at least ask.  My life began to change at that moment with the first words out of Debi’s mouth; “Don’t worry.  For the time being we’ll get this taken care of and we can work out the rest later.”  I cannot put into words the overwhelming relief and hope that I felt.  Especially that Debi knew full well that I could use her services and then just include her fee in my bankruptcy and she wouldn’t get anything.  But I asked her to trust me, and she did.  And then Debi began to work her magic with the I.R.S. nightmare.

Since that first conversation, my debt has been reduced; I was put on a payment plan, negotiated by Debi on my behalf, that I could afford; I no longer get stressed with anything to do with taxes thanks to her guidance; I no longer get threatening letters from the I.R.S.; my debt is substantially reduced and still going down; and in spite of owing again through some errors I had no knowledge of until it was too late, Debi managed not only to renegotiate a new payment plan with the I.R.S. for me again, but performed a miracle by getting the payment reduced by $110.00 per month, just before Christmas.

Debi is personable enough to make you feel like a good friend, yet is still able to maintain a professionalism that is above reproach.  She has me feeling good about Christmas time again, and even about life itself.  I now see the light at the end of the tunnel and it isn’t attached to a locomotive.  I owe Debi a huge debt…but not financially, because she worked things out with me to make all that she did affordable.  No, my debt is one of eternal gratitude.  As a person who needs help managing their taxes, I have to say that Debi has a customer, and friend, for life.

Fairfield, Oregon

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December 7th, 2012

Testimonial from M. & C. D.

RE: Peters Tax Solutions LLP

We had been dealing with(or I should say had been trying to deal with) the IRS for over nine months before we contacted Debi Peters of Peters Tax Solutions.  The day we met with her we left her office feeling like a huge weight had been lifted off our shoulders.  Debi explained our options and what she could do for us, and for the first time in almost a year we felt like things might work out.  We were feeling very downtrodden at this point, so this was pretty huge.

We got our financial information to Debi, and she went through it all, and in a couple of phone calls with the IRS she managed what we had not been able to do in almost an entire year- she got us a payment plan that we could afford!  She is amazing.  She is truly amazing.

If you need an intelligent and capable person to deal with the IRS on your behalf, we would highly recommend Debi Peters.  I know this sounds like a television commercial, but you really shouldn’t try to deal with the IRS on your own, we know that now.  Representation is EVERYTHING in getting the best work out/payment plan!

As I told Debi-We are really enjoying sleeping again at night!

M. & C. D.

Ravensdale, Washington

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June 26, 2013

Testimonial from: P.A.

RE: Peters Tax Solutions LLP

“I am a recent college graduate with a busy life between a full time Job and a small business that I own and manage with my family. I have been doing my own personal + business taxes for a few years on one of the major online tax filing websites. I also prepared my mother’s taxes on the same website. Eventually, I got 2 Audit notifications from IRS (for my taxes and my mother’s) show up in my mail box the same day, from the same IRS representative, with a scheduled meeting in the same morning! I felt like the IRS was out to hunt me and my family! After speaking with a local tax person, who informed me I could owe up to 18k to the IRS, I thought my life was over! I started losing sleep over it and even postponed my plans to propose to my girlfriend!

After one conversation with Debora, I was not just relieved! But I was confident in her abilities and that whatever results may come out would be the best case scenario! Debora Peters took the time to not just understand my tax situation, but also my personal life that is greatly affected by the results of this audit. Debora helped me understand everything and kept me up-to-date on the details. Eventually I ended up owing about 1,000 dollars which is 6% of what I could’ve owed had I not been represented by a knowledgeable person!

I know my family and I would go back to Debora’s service for any tax related help in the future!


Portland, Oregon

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